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Buff Polish & Grind offers the latest technology in buffing belts. From our own Patented CLEO® 100% synthetic material to our CLEO® 100% wool material , we offer buffing belts for many types of abrasive belt machinery. Either belt material can (after appropriate sanding) produce a finish approaching a US # 8 mirror in a wide range of materials. The actual application will dictate the choice of BUFF-BELT® material to be used.


The CLEO®  &  CLEO® wool polishing and buffing belts are used on both stationary and portable tools to produce finishes ranging from satin to mirror in most materials including brass, aluminum and stainless steel. The belts perform best at 3000 SFPM (surface feet per minute) or less but may be run at higher speeds.

CLEO®  can remove light scratches in stainless steel and deeper scratches or surface imperfections in softer materials.

CLEO®  running on a Bader BM2 bench machine with MATCHLESS® X67 tripoli can produce a mirror finish in one step on an aluminum investment casting. The CLEO® wool belt has the unique ability to blend a wide surface without leaving lap lines. There are 200 - 44 foot tall stainless steel mirror lamp poles in Houston, Texas which are part of the UPTOWN HOUSTON STREETSCAPE project.  The lamp fixtures were final finished with the Nu-Matic # 534 inflatable wheel (4000 rpm max.) with a CLEO® wool belt using MATCHLESS® 921 stainless compound. Each 3 1/2  x 15 1/2 wool BUFF-BELT® finished 200 square feet of stainless steel. As with any buffing product, you will need to slow the speed when working on wood, acrylic, or solid surface materials. The belt choice and type of equipment needed will depend on the shape of the part, original manufacturing method of the part, type of material, and the finish requirement. You will usually use the CLEO® belt for the first and possibly only step because it will produce a mirror finish. To final blend the part you may use the CLEO® wool belt with the same or finer compound. There will be no swirls because the belt is running with straight line motion.




The CLEO® belt, as with any abrasive belt, should have just enough tension so as not to walk from side to side as pressure is applied to the contact wheel. The CLEO® belt will work on any type of contact wheel but will give a better finish if used on a cloth contact wheel. You will apply as much pressure as necessary for the belt to do its cutting job and with as little pressure as necessary for the belt to do its coloring job. The CLEO® belt is often run on abrasive belt centerless machines with more pressure than any individual could achieve. Apply a small amount of compound and try the belt. It is easy to get too much compound on the belt. Let me say again, push hard with a downward stroke on the part and then push softer at the same spot, you will see a mirror finish in seconds. The CLEO® wool belt is usually used after the CLEO® belt to blend a wide surface or to add additional luster using a finer coloring compound.



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