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CLEO®  & CLEO® wool Sheets

Except for a few special applications, you must sand to at least a US 400 grit level before trying to use our CLEO sheet materials. All CLEO materials must be used with buffing compound.

Our CLEO® 100% synthetic sheet material can be cut into small pieces and inserted into a 3M-935 mini-mandrel or a special arbor to create a polishing and buffing tool not available from any other source.You can create a buffing flap wheel, a cylinder, or a Christmas tree shape to access areas on your parts which cannot be reached by any other method. Where felt bobs have a maximum speed of 3000 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute), CLEO loves speeds of 6,000 SFPM and up. High horsepower tools can be employed without the fear of destroying the CLEO material. Following the use of the CLEO synthetic material, you may use a piece of the CLEO® wool material for an even higher degree of luster.

Call for specific recommendations concerning your part finish requirement.

All sheet materials are in stock.

3" x 6" 13-45560 13-45568 13-45576 13-45584 13-45592 13-45600 13-00000
CLEO wool         Blue Back    
3" x 6" 13-70705       13-70725    

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