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CLEO® Type "K" Polishing Disc-wheel

The Type K disc-wheel is any CLEO disc with a straight arbor hole.

All CLEO disc types are to be used with buffing compound. Matchless Metal Polish is the recommended brand. The disc-wheels are currently manufactured in sizes of 1",
1/1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 4 ½” & 7" diameter with various arbor hole sizes. You should sand your part to at least a US 400 grit (3M Trizact A30) on brass and aluminum & US 1000 grit (3M Trizact A6) on stainless steel before using any CLEO Type K disc-wheel. The best product to use for sanding is the 3M™ microreplicated abrasive Trizact™. If necessary, the Type K disc-wheel can produce a mirror finish without sanding but you will probably abuse the disc in doing so. You can use one (1) or more of the discs to create the width you need. The discs are approximately 1/8" thick and come in an array of colors and densities. The thickness may vary even within the same color.

All varieties of the Type K discs will produce a mirror finish in virtually every kind of material including aluminum, brass, & stainless steel. The different densities = flexibility.

The Type K colors, as opposed to white, have a built in heat indicator. If you see a color transfer to your part (not permanent), you will know one of three things has happened. # 1 you are running too fast, #2 you are pushing too hard, or # 3 you do not have enough compound. This heat indicator will keep you from abusing your Type K disc-wheel. The ideal speed range for the Type K disc is 5,000 – 9,000 SFPM (surface feet per minute). The formula for calculating SFPM is: disc diameter x rpm of tool x .26179939 . Example: 2" dia. x 12,000 rpm x .26179939 = 6283. You should always try to use the disc at lower speeds first because excessive speed creates too much heat. The heat from a small disc turning fast may keep you from getting the desired finish. Use the largest possible diameter turning at the lowest possible speed that when plugged into the formula gives you the SFPM you need. The large diameter disc will generate less heat, and centrifugal force & the slower speed is easier to control.

The SUHNER® Rotoset 25R flex shaft machine is the best electric choice for running the Type K disc-wheel in sizes up to 2" diameter. This machine has an electronic variable speed range from 11,000 to 25,000 rpm with built-in thermal overload protection. The FH7 straight die grinder hand piece comes with a 1/4" collet (with other sizes available). With its’ 1,000 watt power (less than 5 amp draw), the Suhner® Rotoset can easily run a 2"dia. x 1"wide CLEO® Type K disc-wheel at the proper rpm with no power loss.

The best pneumatic (air) tool to use is the Dynabrade # 52666.


CLEO®  Type K Polishing Disc-wheel
White are in stock and all other colors are special order.
Dia x AH Max RPM CLEO-white
1 x 3/16 20,000 13-06200
1 1/2 x 3/16 16,000 13-06600
2 x 3/8 15,000 13-07200
3 x 3/8 12,000 13-07800
4 x 5/8 6,000 13-09000
4 1/2 x 7/8 5,000 13-09500
7 x 7/8 3,800 13-09999

Recommended RPM:

  • 1" @ 18,000
  • 1 1/2" @ 15,000
  • 2" @ 12,000
  • 3" @ 8,000
  • 4" @ 6,000
  • 4 1/2" @ 5,000
  • 7" @ 3,800


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