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Equipment - Baldor Buffers

Baldor Electric of Ft. Smith, Arkansas has agreed to manufacture a full line of buffers to meet special specifications requested by Joe F. Merritt, President of Buff Polish & Grind Industrial Supply Co., Inc.. The special buffers range in size from 3/4 H.P. to 7 1/2 H.P. with the same voltages and rpm values as shown in the Baldor® standard user price sheet # 11 G. The new buffers will have a special BPG catalog number.

The extra wide spindles will provide ample space to run virtually every type of product. Buffing wheels, contact wheels, abrasive flap wheels, & non-woven nylon deburring wheels up to 8 inches in width can be mounted on the new buffers leaving enough room for the nut and proper flanges. Nu-Matic inflatable wheels up to 9 inches wide can be mounted on the buffers since no flanges are required.

The overall length of the buffers has been extended to provide up to 10 inches per side of usable spindle length. The actual usable length is dependent on the horsepower selected, the diameter of the wheel and the type of the wheel.

The new buffers will carry the standard BALDOR® 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

Buff Polish & Grind Industrial Supply Co., Inc. is a Baldor® AUTHORIZED REDISTRIBUTOR.

Pricing Information
Baldor Standard Spindle Length Buffers
Baldor / BPG Special Wide Spindle Length Buffers

A typical Bador Buffer 

Special Wide Spindle Buffer

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