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Engine Yoke

An automotive part manufacturer from Indiana asked Joe to provide the method to bring this aluminum investment casting up to a mirror finish for chrome plating. Because of the shape of the part, there would be no way to sand the parting lines without changing dimensions. The small part is difficult to hold and conventional buffing could not remove the parting lines. The original process used two steps of CLEO buffing belts; but, after the customer got into production, he was able to eliminate the second step. Using a Stephen Bader BM2 (now BIII) abrasive belt machine, the customer is able to finish one part a minute using only one step. The step is using a 2 x 72 CLEO BUFF-BELT and Matchless X67 Tripoli running at 4000 SFPM. The finish looks like the part is already chrome plated.

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