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In December of 1999, Bill Rucker CEO and Tim Edmondson President of American Ironhorse Motorcycle Company of Fort Worth Texas asked Joe Merritt for help. Bill and Tim wanted to bring all the manufacturing of the mirror aluminum parts for their motorcycles in house and they needed Joe to provide all the knowledge, equipment and supplies to accomplish this task. Joe agreed to help at no charge in exchange for some of their business. To Joe’s surprise, Buff Polish & Grind became virtually the sole vendor for polishing and buffing equipment and supplies to American Ironhorse for the next five and a half years. Whether the aluminum parts were made from castings, tubing or machined from solid billet, Joe was able to devise a full production method to bring the parts from raw to perfect mirror. American Ironhorse was able to bring their production from about 6 motorcycles a week in 1999 to a staggering 100 per week in the spring of 2005. As early as 2001, with Joe’s help American Ironhorse Motorcycle had gained the reputation of having the best looking bikes in the industry.

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