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Brass Mouse Tail Door Handles

This brass casting was part of a $ 10 Million dollar contract awarded to a very good customer of Buff Polish & Grind. This customer normally produced all their parts in house; but because of the complexity of the piece, they asked Joe to devise a method and find a vendor to produce the parts for them. The door handle was to look like the tail of a very famous mouse and there would be 3000 of these door handles in a $ 300 Million dollar hotel in the State of Florida. The part had to be finished to a mirror even on the inside of the rolled part of the handle. Following about three hours of research, Joe had perfected the method and with a few phone calls found a vendor to produce the parts.

Using a Bader BIII – DC –VS abrasive belt machine for three sanding steps and one step of the CLEO BUFF-BELT with Matchless Y86 compound, the parts were finished to a brilliant mirror even on the inside of the mouse tail area. The rest of the part was sanded, polished and buffed using conventional methods. The vendor purchased or borrowed several machines, hired college kids from The University of North Texas and finished all 3000 parts on time and on budget.

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