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Door Hardware

This is typical brass door hardware that has become scratched and tarnished by everyday use in homes and offices throughout the world. The refurbishing process used 8” spiral sewn buffs with T18 (180 grit) Greaseless compound followed by a Dynabrade # 92801 inflatable wheel with a CLEO wool buffing belt and X67 Tripoli compound. The buffer used was a BPG 001 – Special wide spindle 110v. buffer running at 1800 rpm. The wool buffing belt can act very aggressive with X67 compound while being very safe even when you are buffing the heads of the tiny screws that hold the hardware in place in a door. The wool belt produces the desired mirror finish using only the first step compound. A brilliant jewelry finish could be attained if you wanted to add additional steps using Y86 and 7WS Red Rouge on separate wool belts.

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