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Bronze Bell

After finding the Buff Polish & Grind web site, a 160 year old bronze bell manufacturer from Cincinnati Ohio contacted Joe and asked for his help. The product this company wanted to offer would consist of a series of three bells ranging in size from 150 pounds to 400 pounds. The company wanted Joe to help them choose the most practical finish based on the difficulty to do the part and to devise the method to accommodate production quantities. The bell company shipped a small 5 pound bell to Joe’s research facility. This bell represented the quality of the bells that would need to be finished. They also shipped a bell weighing 150 pounds so Joe would have a part to work with that had the same dimensions of the small bell that would be mass produced. After giving the customer the results of the research, it was decided that a brushed finish would be the most practical to use on the three bell series. Because the casting quality was so good, the customer would need only two steps to acquire this brushed finish. The equipment would consist of two different types of machines. A Stephen Bader Spacesaver with a fixture to hold and present the bell to the machine would be the primary piece of equipment. A Suhner Rotofera with the BSG 10/50 belt attachment would also be used to work any area the Bader machine could not reach. Both machines would use a 3M – 80 grit -977F Cubitron™ belt as the first step and a 3M - A MED Surface Contitioning belt as the second step.

Shown to the right is the 150 pound bell brought up to a mirror using additional sanding steps of 3M – TRIZACT™ and final steps with the CLEO BUFF-BELT products and Matchless compound.

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