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Copper Tubing

Hadco of San Marcus, TX makes patio and yard lighting products out of copper materials. Several years earlier, Hadco had purchased a Stephen Bader centerless machine from Joe and was producing mirror copper tube using a CLEO® BUFF-BELT® with Y86 Matchless compound in only one step but they now wanted to have a brushed look on their copper tubing.

So in August of 2005, the Hadco Co., a division of Genlyte asked Joe to use his research facility to produce samples of their products so finishing standards could be written for their vendors in the lighting industry. Joe was to produce on their copper parts all the architectural finishes from a US #3 to a US #7 and document the methods. Hadco would then choose the finish they wanted and be able to supply their vendors on a world wide basis with the exact method used to produce that finish.

Even though Hadco had its’own centerless machine, they asked Joe to produce the sample parts so as to legitimize the results.

Starting from raw hard copper, you can see some of the various finishes attainable using the Stephen Bader abrasive belt centerless machine. The exact belt sequence, number of steps, and thru feed speeds is dependent on the desired finish.

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