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Stainless Caprail

The photos depict stainless handrail commonly used in shopping malls where the customer wants to have stainless on top, and glass on the bottom. Whether you are working with raw stainless to bring the surface up to a US # 8 or simply blending back after grinding welds, the sequence of steps is the same. Following is the grit sequence if you are starting with a superior welded joint. Poor quality welds would require you starting with a coarser grade of disc or belt. The photos show the use of belts but the use of discs is often preferred. Following is the procedure using discs with the last step being a CLEO wool BUFF-BELT.

Recommended Rt. Angle die grinder should have at least .7 HP. and run at a maximum of 15000 rpm with a lever throttle for feathering the speed. A spray mist of water can be used if needed during the sanding steps to cool the part. The procedure employees 2 inch. 3M Roloc® Trizact® discs in grades A160, A80, A30, A16, & A6 followed by 2 in. Roloc CLEO® discs with Matchless V487G gray cut compound. The second buffing step is accomplished with 2 in. Roloc CLEO® wool discs with Matchless 921 white color compound. The final step uses a Nu-Matic # 534 (Dynabrade # 92801) inflatable wheel with a 3 1/2 x 15 1/2 CLEO wool belt running at a maximum of 4000 rpm with the same Matchless 921 compound to straighten out the swirls left by the Type R discs.

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