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A world class architectural fabricator from Houston, Texas asked Joe to provide the method and equipment necessary to produce a 180 grit finish on 80,000 lineal feet of 2 in. schedule 80 - 316 s tainless steel pipe. The pipe would eventually become the hand rail in the third tunnel being built under the Boston Bay. At Joe's request, the customer sent 100 ft. of the pipe in 3 ft. and 5 ft. lengths for processing in the BPG METHODS RESEARCH FACILITY. The customer purchased two Stephen Bader centerless abrasive belt machines in order to complete the two step process in one pass. The process is both efficient and cost effective.

Using the same Bader centerless machine, the customer can produce US # 8 mirror stainless parts by varying the belt sequence and using a CLEO BUFF-BELT with Matchless 921 compound as the last step.

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