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Structural Weld

Roy Moss of CBI Inc. (Chicago Bridge) called with a problem. They were bidding a job that called for a specification that the structural welds on the project had to be invisible. A second problem was that some of the welds would have to be made at the jobsite and more than 100 feet off the ground. Roy was having trouble perfecting the grinding procedure and would need tools that could be used both in his shop and at the jobsite with the same results. At my request, Roy fabricated a part and flew to Texas. Using the Suhner BSG 10/50 belt attachment and either the Rotofera or Rotostar we were successful in solving his problems. The Rotofera can produce a US # 8 mirror if the appropriate abrasive steps are taken and followed by the CLEO BUFF-BELT with buffing compound.

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