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Weld to #8 Finish

A medical instrument company from Ashville, NC wanted to bring in house the manufacturing of a 5’ diameter oven made from US # 8 mirror stainless steel sheet. The company asked Joe Merritt to perfect a method to grind the welds on the mirror sheet and return the welded seam to the original # 8 finish. The medical company fabricated some test pieces and shipped them to Joe’s methods research facility.

The part shown in the video was welded by a very experienced welder using the finest of equipment. A poorer quality weld would require a starting point at 80 grit or A160 (120 grit) 3M Trizact™.

In order to shorten the video, only the first and last sanding steps are shown but the following written procedure is the exact method used to complete the task.

Recommended Rt. Angle die grinder is the Dynabrade # 52413 X which is a .7 HP Tool running at 15000 rpm with a lever throttle for feathering the speed. A spray mist of water can be used if needed during the sanding steps to cool the part. The procedure employees 2 inch. 3M Roloc® Trizact® discs in grades A80, A30, A16, & A6 followed by 2 in. Roloc CLEO® discs with Matchless V487G gray cut compound. The second buffing step is accomplished with 2 in. Roloc CLEO® wool discs with Matchless 921 white color compound. The final step uses a Dynabrade # 92801 (Nu-Matic # 534) inflatable wheel with a 3 1/2 x 15 1/2 CLEO wool belt on a Dynabrade® Dynastraight running at 3400 rpm with the same Matchless 921 compound to straighten out the swirls left by the Type R CLEO® wool discs.

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