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FABRICATOR  March-April 1997

Raw To Mirror

In As Little As Two Quick Steps…

In this article, Joe has out done himself. The object of the article was simply to take raw brass cap rail and sand castings to a mirror finish. What the editor of the magazine did not know was that Joe was going to invent a new revolutionary method for the brass cap rail that would stand the architectural industry on its head.  Working in the Buff Polish & Grind methods research facility in Argyle, Texas, Joe used for the first time (in a slashed assembly) the microreplicated abrasive known as TRIZACT™. This new 3M™ abrasive sandpaper was able to prepare the cap rail for buffing in only one or two mechanically applied steps. The old hand sanding method could take hours per step, while the new method would take only minutes per step. Following sanding  with Trizact™, Joe perfected a one step buffing process. The mirror finish produced in this single step would satisfy 80 % of the architectural industry. The article describes the final steps to take the cap rail to jewelry quality if so desired. The brass sand castings process  is fully described and all the equipment and finish results are shown in full vivid color.

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